Welcome to Bayside Golf Club!

Bayside Golf is a family built and family owned golf course and is the product of owners, Bonnie Nemecek, Cliff Brown, Jason Hiltibrand and wife Suzy along with world-famous architects Dan Axland and Dave Proctor who had a hand in designing such legends as Sand Hills and the rebuild of famed Riviera in LA.

Their family's goal was to design and build a layout that truly showcased how beautiful western Nebraska truly can be. Taking a piece of land best suited to extreme sports, the team of Axland and Proctor turned a property awash in arroyos, ruts, bluffs and truly inhospitable, yet ruggedly beautiful grassland into the rough-and-tumble Bayside Golf Course - home of extreme golf!

Bayside is deeply entrenched in the history of the west and the battles for the frontier. It is seldom, if you stroll outside the boundary of Bayside, that you won't stumble across an arrowhead or other Sioux artifact. Bayside was built on the land just south of the Oregon Trail which played host to too many bitter battles as the country expanded westward.

Today, you can still get a sense of what it must have looked like in western Nebraska 150 years ago. The land is rugged and unforgiving yet breathtakingly beautiful. Since the opening of the front nine at Bayside in 1999 and the subsequent celebration of the grand opening in 2001, golfers have enjoyed a sense of tradition and history when they play Bayside.

That sense of tradition meeting a history is very well preserved and honored at Bayside. Whether it be Eagle viewing, long walks on the white sandy beaches, an exhilarating 18 holes, an awesome steak in the clubhouse, or watching the breath taking sunset from the deck, you will come to love and appreciate what Western Nebraska has to offer.